6DJ8 Datasheet – Triode Vacuum Tube

This post explains for the semiconductor 6DJ8.

The function of this semiconductor is Triode Vacuum Tube.

Manufacturers : SYLVANIA

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6DJ8 image

Description :

The 6DJ8 was designed for use as a low-noise amplifier in VHF and UHF TV tuners, an improved successor to the usual 6BK7, but due to its high gain it was used in much high-end test equipment. Most high-quality oscilloscopes from the 1950s to the 1960s have many 6DJ8 tubes.


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6DJ8 Datasheet

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ECL86 Datasheet – Triode Pentode

Part Number : ECL86, PCL86

Function : Triode Pentode

Package : TO-220ML type

Manufactures : RCA, Philips

Images :

ECL86 Datasheet Triode Pentode


1. Triode pentode with separate cathodes.
2. The triode section is intented for use as A.F amplifier
3. The pentode section is intened for use as A.F power amplifier


ECL86 pinout


ECL86 Datasheet