ECC83 PDF Datasheet – A.F. Double Triode – Electronic Tube

Part Number: ECC83

Function: A.F. Double Triode

Manufacturer: Ei-RC ( )


ECC83 pinout



Miniature types used as phase inverters or twin resistance-coupled amplifiers in radio equipment.

Application note :

This tube can be used without precautions against microphony in equipment which is characterized by Vi ≥ 10mV for an output of 50mW (or Vi ≥ 100mV for 5W output), provided that average acceleration of the tube is not greater than indicated in the Section “Microphonic effect” from the “Application directions”. In this case the disturbance level for hum and noise will be better than -60dB when the center tap of the heater has been grounded, Rg≤0,5MΩ and Rk is sufficiently decoupled.

Quick reference data :

• Anode current Ia=1,2mA

• Transcoductance S=1,6mA/V

• Amplification μ=100


3 page

Other data sheets are available within the file: 12AV5GA, 12AV6, 12AV7, 12AX3, 12AX7

ECC83 Datasheet

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EL3B PDF Datasheet – Half Wave Rectifier Tube

Part Number: EL3B

Function: Half Wave Rectifier Tube, Tantalum anode and xenon gas filling

Manufacturer: ELECTRONS


EL3B image


The filament must be lit before drawing d-c. load current. The anode is designed to operate at red heat when under full load. All of the above values are for returns to the filament center tap.

Maximum Rated Anode Current

1. D-c. Meter Value-Continuous : 2.5 amps
2. D-c. Meter Value-Overload less than 10 sec. : 3.7 amps
3. Averaging Time : 7 secs
4. Oscillograph Peak-Continuously recurring : 20 amps
5. Max. Instranenous Short Circuit Current( 0.1 sec.) : 300 amps


EL3B Datasheet

EL3B pdf

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