EL3B PDF Datasheet – Half Wave Rectifier Tube

Part Number : EL3B

Function : Half Wave Rectifier Tube, Tantalum anode and xenon gas filling

Manufactures : ELECTRONS

Images :

EL3B image

Description :

The filament must be lit before drawing d-c. load current. The anode is designed to operate at red heat when under full load. All of the above values are for returns to the filament center tap.

Maximum Rated Anode Current

1. D-c. Meter Value-Continuous : 2.5 amps
2. D-c. Meter Value-Overload less than 10 sec. : 3.7 amps
3. Averaging Time : 7 secs
4. Oscillograph Peak-Continuously recurring : 20 amps
5. Max. Instranenous Short Circuit Current( 0.1 sec.) : 300 amps


EL3B Datasheet

EL3B pdf

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6L6G Datasheet – 6.3V, 0.9A, Vacuum Tube ( Tung-sol )

Part Number : 6L6G

Function : 6.3V, 0.9A, Beam-power tetrode

Package : Tube Type

Manufacturers : Tung-Sol


6L6G Vacuum Tube

Description :

Beam power tube 6L6G, 6L6GA, 6L6GB and its plate power dissipation can reach 19W. For audio frequency amplifier, it can be used as class A and AB amplifier. At the same time, these tubes also can be used rectifying circuitry. These tubes are compatible with 5881 and 6L6GC, and can be substituted with each other.


6L6G pinout schemtics datasheet


1. Filament Heating Voltage : 6.3 V
2. Heater Current (@6.3V) : 0.9 A

6L6G specs

The Vacuum Tube is a beam-power tetrode primarily designed for use in audio-frequency power amplifier applications. The device has a shoulder-type envelope for a vintage appearance.

6L6G Datasheet PDF Download


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