SL1925 Datasheet PDF – Satellite Zero IF QPSK Tuner IC

Part Number : SL1925

Function : Satellite Zero IF QPSK Tuner IC

Package : SSOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Mitel Networks

Pinouts :

SL1925 datasheet

Description :

The SL1925 is a wideband quadrature converter operating from 950 to 2150 MHz, intended primarily for application in satellite tuners. The device contains all elements necessary, with the exception of local oscillator sustaining network, to fabricate a high performance I(n-phase) & Q(uadrature) phase splitter and downconverter optimised for systems containing RF AGC gain control. The device allows for systems containing higher power analog interferers. For most applications RF tunable filtering is not essential.

Features for SL1925

1. Single chip system for direct quadrature down conversion from L-band
2. High signal handling capability for minimum external component count application, requires
external RF AGC of 30dB
3. Compatible with DSS and DVB system requirements
4. Excellent gain and phase match up to 30MHz baseband
5. High output referred linearity for low distortion and multi channel application
6. Fully balanced low radiation design

Block Diagram


1. Satellite receiver systems
2. Data communications systems

Other data sheets within the file : SL1925KG, SL1925NP2S, SL1925NP2T

SL1925 Datasheet PDF Download

SL1925 pdf


CD9088CB PDF Datasheet – 1-Chip FM Electrical Tuner IC

This post explains for the semiconductor CD9088CB.

The Part Number is CD9088CB.

The function of this semiconductor is 1-Chip FM Electrical Tuner IC.

Manufacturers : Wuxi Huajing Microelectronics

Pinouts :

CD9088CB PDF pinout

Description :

a single-chip electrically tuned FM radio circuit. Its peripheral circuit is simple. The application cost is low. The built-in PLL system with 70kHz IF frequency is selectively implemented by active RC filter. The mute circuit can suppress non-IF signals and too weak IF signals.

1. All functional circuits containing radio from RF input to audio output
2. Silent circuit
3. Built-in automatic frequency control system for mechanical tuning
4. Power polarity protection
5. Working power supply voltage can be as low as 1.8V
6. Automatic search from 88MHz key reset to 108 MHz frequency range

CD9088CB PDF Datasheet