8895CSNG7EP3 Datasheet PDF – TV Decoder Chip – Toshiba

Part Number : 8895CSNG7EP3, TMPA8895CSNG7EP3

Function : Toshiba G88 Series Combo TV special decoder chip

Package : DIP 64 Pin

Manufacturers : Toshiba

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Description :

TMPA8895PSCNGXXX is the latest development of Toshiba G88 Series Combo TV special decoder chip(  can be used in 14 “to 29” in  ).

The movement, and has a variety of extensions, enabling the full range from simple to high-end movement on a single PCB board. Under the surface is Characteristics TMPA8895PSCNGXXX and possess Introduction.

TV decoder
1. Built-in notch filter, band pass filter, PIF VCO circuit.
2. Black stretch, brightness gamma correction function.
3. PAL / NTSC decoding circuit.
4. With EW output; parallelogram, arched, trapezoidal, S-shaped, square individually adjusted.
5. The two-way audio input, two-way volume control output port, 1 audio output, stereo control can be achieved. Stereo input, stereo output, left and right channel separation is best; Can achieve double AV stereo input, mono output (T8896 to stereo output).

Pinout and Block Diagram

8895CSNG7EP3 Datasheet

8895CSNG7EP3 Datasheet PDF Download

8895CSNG7EP3 pdf

TDA2620 Datasheet PDF – TV Display Tube Driver (DIP16)

Part Number : TDA2620

Function : IC – Integrated Circuit Power-supply

Package : DIP 16 pin Type

Manufacturers : Philips Electronics

Images :

TDA2620 datasheet

Description :

TV Display Tube Driver

Similar : SN29848, SN29848N, SN29848AN (Texas Instruments)

Absolute maximum ratings

TDA2620 data

Reference Page : http://www.radiomuseum.org/tubes/tube_tda2620.html

Other data sheets within the file : TDA-2620

TDA2620 Datasheet PDF Download

TDA2620 pdf