6DJ8 PDF Datasheet – Triode Vacuum Tube

This post explains for the semiconductor 6DJ8.

The function of this semiconductor is Triode Vacuum Tube.

Manufacturer: SYLVANIA

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The 6DJ8 was designed for use as a low-noise amplifier in VHF and UHF TV tuners, an improved successor to the usual 6BK7, but due to its high gain it was used in much high-end test equipment. Most high-quality oscilloscopes from the 1950s to the 1960s have many 6DJ8 tubes.


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6DJ8 Datasheet

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6V6 Datasheet – Beam Power Tube

Part Number: 6V6

Function: Beam Power Tube (Tubeentode Triode, Vacuum tube)

Manufacturer: RCA, TUNG-SOL


6V6 datasheet


The 6V6 is a beam-power tetrode vacuum tube. Metal type 6V6 and glass octal type 6V6GTA are used as output amplifiers in automobile, battery-operated, and other receivers in which reduced plate-current drain is desirable. It is still in use in audio applications, especially electric guitar amplifiers.


6V6 pinout tube

1 – the shell connection of the metal
2, 7 – Filament / Heater
3 – Anode / Plate
4 – Grid 2 / Screen Grid
5 – Grid 1 / Control Grid
6 – No connection. Pin normally absent
8 – Cathode & Beam-Forming Plates


1. Heater Voltage ( ac/dc ) : 6.3 V
2. Heater Current : 0.45 A

6V64 Datasheet

6V6 pdf


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