STV8172A Datasheet PDF – Vertical deflection booster

Part Number : STV8172A

Function : Vertical deflection booster

Package : 7-pin Heptawatt package

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics


STV8172A datasheet

Description :

Designed for monitors and high performance TVs, the device vertical deflection booster delivers flyback voltages up to 70V. The device operates with supplies up to 35V and provides up to 3 APPoutput current to drive the yoke. The booster is offered in a Heptawatt plastic package. In double-supply applications, a stand-by state will be reached by stopping the (+) supply alone.


Pinouts :

STV8172A datasheet



1. Power amplifier
2. Flyback generator
3. Stand-by control
4. Output current up to 3.0 App
53 Thermal protection


STV8172A Datasheet PDF Download

STV8172A pdf

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D78040 Datasheet PDF – Display Vertical Output IC

Part Number : D78040 ( LA78040 = ICLA78040 = IC LA78040B )

Function : Vertical Deflection Output IC

Package : TO-220-7 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Huajing


Description :

TV and CRT Display Vertical Output IC with Bus Control Support

The LA78040 ( = D78040 ) is a vertical deflection output IC for high image quality TV and CRT displays that supports the use of a bus control system signal-processing IC.

The sawtooth waveform from the bus control system signal-processing IC can directly drive the deflection yoke (including the DC component). Color TV vertical deflection system adjustment functions can be controlled over a bus system by connecting the LA78040 to a Sanyo LA768X series or LA769XX series bus control system signal-processing IC.

Since the LA78040 provides a maximum deflection current of 1.8Ap-p, it is optimal for small and medium size CRTs.


1. Flyback generator
2. Thermal protection circuit
3. Low cross-over distortion
4. Supports DC Coupling
5. Vertical output circuit

Block Diagram and pinout


D78040 Datasheet PDF

D78040 pdf

Reference datasheet :