TA8659 PDF – Video-Chroma-Deflection Sub-system, Toshiba

Part Number : TA8659

Function : IC for TV Video ( Multi-Color Video-Chroma-Deflection )

Package : DIP 64 Pin

Manufactures : Toshiba

Images :

TA8659 datasheet pdf

Description :

The TA8659 is an NTSC / PAL / SECAM video-chroma-deflection sub-system with the teletext interface circuit. The device includes all of the functions required to realize a multicolor CTV in conjunction with a PIF / SIP IC, in a 64-lead, shrink-type, dual-in-line plastic package.

Features :

1. Forced system selection

2. Automatic system change by a sub-carrier detection

3. Realized a full automatic multi-color processor

4. The mode change output can be used for switching the external components or circuits.



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TA8659AN image



TA8659 Datasheet

TA8659 pdf



TA7698AP Datasheet PDF – PAL/NTSC Video Processor – Toshiba

Part Number : TA7698AP

Manufactures : Toshiba

Package : DIP 42 Pin Type


Image : TA7698AP
Description :

The TA7698AP combines a PAL/NTSC Video-Chroma subsystem and a Deflection combination on a single monolithic integrated circuit to provide a PAL or PAL/NTSC color television.

This device includes a Video amplifier, PAL and NTSC color demodulator these are designed to provide color differential signal outputs, and improved Sync-separator, Horizontal oscillator with saw tooth wave type AFC, Horizontal pre-driver with X’ray protection circuit, Vertical oscillator and Vertical pre-driver in a 42 leads dual-in-line type plastic package.


TA7698AP Datasheet

Features :

1. Internal Y/C separator circuit
2. NTSC matching for Composite
3. Internal one systems input for analog RGB for NTSC/PAL
4. Internal count down circuit at H,V
5. Internal enhancer circuit
6. Internal Side black control circuit
7. Internal PWM control circuit

TA7698AP Datasheet


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