LA76805 Datasheet – Video Processor, DIP 54 – Sanyo

This post explains for the semiconductor LA76805.

The Part Number is LA76805. The package is DIP 54 Pin Type

The function of this semiconductor is Video Processor.

Manufacturers : Sanyo


LA76805 datasheet


LA76805 image

Description :


LA76805 Datasheet



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LA76931K Datasheet PDF – Video and Sound Processor IC

Part Number : LA76931K (LA7693x Series)

Function : CTV Microcontroller Video and Sound Processing IC

Package : DIP 64PIN

Manufacturers : SANYO -> Panasonic

Image :

LA76931K datasheet

Description :

The LA7693X series is a single-chip video and sound processor IC with a built-in microcontroller that supports all of the different worldwide broadcasting systems. The IC provides fully integrated solution to rationalize the design of color TV sets, increase productivity, and reduce total costs.


LA76931K Datasheet



1. I2C bus control system with a built-in microcontroller
2. VIF/SIF/Y/C/Deflection/CbCr IN
3. Adjustment-free VIF/SIF
4. 1X’tal multi-system that supports all broadcasting systems
5. No VCO coil required
6. Internal sound carrier B


LA76931K pinout


Other data sheets within the file : LA76933J, LA76936Y, LA76938Y, LA7693X

LA76931K Datasheet PDF

LA76931K pdf


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