KA2913A Datasheet PDF – Video and Sound IF Amplifier

Part Number : KA2913A

Function : Video and Sound IF Amplifier For Monochrome TV Receiver

Package :  DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Samsung

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KA2913A amplifier

Description :

The KA2913A, KA2917 are silicon monolithic integrated circuits designed for the VIF and SIP stage in B/W television receivers.


VIF Stage

1. Three controlled IF amplifier stages
2. Video demodulator controlled by the picture carrier
3. Black noise and white noise inverter
4. DC amplifier for RF AGC ouput
5. Peak AGC

SIF Stage

1. Three controlled IF amplifier stages
2. Quadrature detector

Block Diagram

KA2913A datasheet


VIF Stage

1. Fast AGC action due to noise inverter and peak AGC
2. Switch off the video part with VTR switch
3. Dual differential AFT output

SIF Stage

1. Excellent limiter characteristics
2. Excellent AM rejection
3. Large undistrorted audio ouput voltage with quadrature detector

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KA2913A Datasheet PDF Download

KA2913A pdf

TA8659AN Datasheet PDF – Video-Chroma-Deflection IC

Part Number : TA8659AN

Function : Multi-Color Video-Chroma-Deflection

Package : DIP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Toshiba

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TA8659AN datasheet


Description :

The TA8659AN is an NTSC/PAL/SECAM video-chroma-deflection sub-system with the teletext interface circuit. The TA8659AN includes all of the fuctions required to realize a multi-color CTV in conjuction with a PIF/SIF IC, in a 64 leads shrink type dual-in-line plastic package.


1. Forced system selection
2. Automatic system chage by subcarrier detection.
3. Realizes full-automatic multicolor processing in conjunction with the TA8615N system switch, with minimal external components.

Pinouts :


1. Video Section
(1) DC-controlled, 2nd-order differential picture sharpness
(2) Contrast control with uni-color control.
(3) Brightness control.

2. Chroma Section
(1) ACC Circuit
(2) Color control/uni-color control
(3) RGB primary color demodulator outputs
(4) Adjustment-free APC circuit.

Other data sheets within the file : TA8659

TA8659AN Datasheet PDF Download

TA8659AN pdf