MMZ09312BT1 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : MMZ09312BT1

Function : Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Technology (InGaP HBT)

Manufacturers : Freescale Semiconductor

Pinouts :

MMZ09312BT1 datasheet

Description :

The MMZ09312B is a 2–stage high efficiency, Class AB InGaP HBT amplifier designed for use as a linear driver amplifier in wireless base station applications as well as an output stage infemtocell or repeater applications. It is suitable for applications with frequencies from 400 to 1000 MHz such as CDMA, GSM, LTE and ZigBee at operating voltages from 3 to 5 Volts. The amplifier is housed in a cost–effective, surface mount QFN plastic package.

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MMZ09312BT1 pdf

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SC9153 Datasheet PDF – 2-Ch, Volume Controller

This is one of the volume controller types.

Part Number : SC9153

Function : 2-Ch Electronic Volume Controller

Package : DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Silan Microelectronics

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Images :

SC9153 datasheet

Description :

The SC9153 is CMOS IC which has been designed for electronization volume control of audio equipment,etc.

Pinout :

SC9153 pinout controller


1. Wide operating voltage range(VDD=6V ~ 12V)
2. Low current comsumption.
3. Attenuation can be controlled from 0dB to –66dB by 2dB/step
4. Both of dual power suppliers of (+) and (-) and a single power supply can be used.
5. Be capable of controlling attenuation by means of the builtin oscillator and the up/down terminals

Absolute maximum ratings

1. Supply Voltage(Pin 16) : VDD = 13.0 V
2. Input/Output Voltage : VIN = VSS0.3V ~ VDD+0.3V V
3. Power Dissipation : PD = 150 mW
4. Operating Temperature : Topr = 30 ~ +75 °C
5. Storage Temperature : Tstg = 55 ~ +125 °C

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SC9153 Datasheet PDF


SC9153 pdf