TB1230AN Datasheet PDF – Signals Processing IC – Toshiba

Part Number: TB1230AN

Function: Video, Chroma and synchronizing Signals Processing IC

Package: DIP 56 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Toshiba

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TB1230AN datasheet


TB1230AN that is a signal processing IC for the PAL / NTSC color TV system integrates video, chroma and synchronizing signal processing circuits together in a 56-pin shrink DIP plastic package. TB1230AN incorporates a high performance picture quality compensation circuit in the video section, an automatic PAL / NTSC discrimination circuit in the chroma section, and an automatic 50 / 60Hz discrimination circuit in the synchronizing section.




1. Video section
(1) Built-in trap filter
(2) Black expansion circuit
(3) Variable DC regeneration rate

2. Chroma section
(1) Built-in 1H Delay circuit
(2) PAL base band demodulation system

3. Synchronizing deflecting section
(1) Built-in horizontal VCO resonator
(2) Adjustment-free horizontal / vertical oscillation by count-down circuit
(3) Double AFC circuit

4. Text section
(1) Linear RGB input
(2) OSD RGB input
(3) Cut / off-drive adjustment

Other data sheets are available within the file: TB1230

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