TB2924FG Datasheet – 20W x 2ch Power Amplifier IC – Toshiba

Part Number: TB2924FG

Function: Class D, 20 W × 2-channel (BTL) Low-Frequency Power Amplifier IC

Package: HSOP36-P-450-0.65

Manufacturer: Toshiba


TB2924FG Datasheet


The TB2924FG is an audio output IC that employs the highly efficient class D method, developed for TV and home audio applications. The TB2924FG eliminates the need for heatsink(Note), thus allowing the design of an end product with a small footprint. It also incorporates a range of features, such as standby and muting, as well as different protective circuits.


TB2924FG pinout



• High efficiency: When output is 10 W η = 88% (VCC = 15 V, RL = 8 Ω)
• Distortion: 0.1% (1 W output, f = 1 kHz)
• Gain: 34dB (typ.)
• Small flat package: HSOP36-P-450-0.65
• Muting/standby features
• Thermal AGC features
• Master and slave oscillation frequencies
• Oscillation frequency: fsw = 200 kHz (typ.)


These protection functions are intended to avoid some output short circuits or other abnormal conditions
temporarily. These protect functions do not warrant to prevent the IC from being damaged. In case of the product would be operated with exceeded guaranteed operating ranges, these protection features may not operate and some output short circuits may result in the IC being damaged. The TB2924FG does not contain protection circuitry for shorts against VCC and ground. Extra care should be exercised when output pins serve as line output or adjacent pins are shorted together on the board.


TDA2030AH Datasheet PDF



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