TB2929HQ PDF Datasheet – 45W X 4-ch BTL Audio Power IC

This post explains for the Audio Power IC.

The Part Number is TB2929HQ.

The function of this semiconductor is 45W X 4-ch BTL Audio Power IC.

Manufacturer: Toshiba

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The TB2929HQ is a four-channel BTL power amplifier for car audio applications.

This IC has a pure complementary P-ch and N-ch DMOS output stage, offering maximum output power (POUT MAX) of 45 W. It includes a standby switch, mute function and various
protection features.



0. High output power

1. Standby switch (pin 4)

2. Mute function (pin 22)

3. Built-in AUX amplifier from single input to 2 channels output (pin 25)

4. Various protection features


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Standby Switch (pin 4) :

The power supply can be turned on or off via pin 4 (Stby). The threshold voltage of pin 4 is
set at about 3 VBE (typ.). The power supply current is about 0.01 μA (typ.) in the standby state.


TB2929HQ Datasheet