TC74ACT541FT Datasheet PDF – Octal Bus Buffer – Toshiba

Part Number: TC74ACT541FT

Function: Non-Inverting Octal Bus Buffer

Package: DIP, SOP 20 Pin  Type

Manufacturer: Toshiba


TC74ACT541FT Toshiba


The TC74ACT540 / TC74ACT541 are advanced high speed CMOS OCTAL BUS BUFFERs fabricated with silicon gate and double-layer metal wiring C2 MOS technology. They achieve the high speed operation similar to equivalent Bipolar Schottky TTL while maintaining the CMOS low power dissipation. These devices may be used as a level converter for interfacing TTL or NMOS to High Speed CMOS. The inputs are compatible with TTL, NMOS and CMOS output voltage levels.

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1. High speed: tpd = 4.3 ns (typ.) at VCC = 5 V
2. Low power dissipation: ICC = 8 μA (max) at Ta = 25°C
3. Compatible with TTL outputs : VIL = 0.8 V (max) VIH = 2.0 V (min)
4. Symmetrical output impedance : |IOH| = IOL = 24 mA (min) Capability of driving 50 Ω transmission lines.
5. Balanced propagation delays: tpLH −∼ tpHL
6. Pin and function compatible with 74F540/541

TC74ACT541FT datasheet

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