TC8871 Datasheet – Class AB / D Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number : TC8871

Function : Non-FM Interference Class AB / D Audio Power Amplifier

Package : ESOP-8 type





TC8871 is a non-FM interference class AB / D optional power amplifier. 5V operating voltage, the maximum drive power of 5W (2Ω, BTL load, THD <10%), the total harmonic distortion audio noise less than 1%.

TC8871 application circuit is simple, only a few peripheral devices, integrated feedback resistor; output does not require an external coupling capacitor or capacitor and buffer on the network.

TC8871 ESOP package, especially suitable for small volume, small size of the portable system. You can control sleep mode to reduce power consumption. TC8871 internal automatic over-temperature shutdown protection mechanism; work stable, gain bandwidth product up to 2.5MHz, and unity gain stability. Feedback resistance built-in, by configuring the external parameters can adjust the amplifier’s voltage gain and the best sound quality, easy to use. Perfect for your USB subwoofer and megaphone
s solution.



1. FM without interference, high efficiency, excellent sound quality
2. High output power (THD + N <10%, 1KHz frequency):
3. ESOP package for the 5W (2Ω load) and 3.5W (3Ω load), 3W (4Ω load)
4. Power-down mode leakage current is small
5. External adjustable gain, integrated feedback
6. Wide operating voltage range of 2.0V ~ 5.0V
7. Compatible with SC4871, SC8002B

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TC8871 Datasheet