TDA2030 PDF Datasheet – 14W HI-FI Audio Amplifier

This post explains for the audio amplifier.

The Part Number is TDA2030.

The function of this semiconductor is 14W HI-FI AUDIO AMPLIFIER.

The package is TO-220-5, TO-220B, TO-220B1 Type

Manufacturer: UTC ( Unisonic Technologies )

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The UTC TDA2030 is a monolithic audio power amplifier integrated circuit.


1. Very low external component required.

2. High current output and high operating voltage.

3. Low harmonic and crossover distortion.

4. Built-in Over temperature protection.

5. Short circuit protection between all pins.

6. Safety Operating Area for output transistors.



1. IN+ : Non inverting input
2. IN- : Inverting input
3. -VS : -VS
4. OUT : Output
5. +VS : +VS



TDA2030 Datasheet