TDA4918A Datasheet – DIP 20, SMPS, Bipolar IC – Simens

Part Number : TDA4918A, Q67000-A8021

Function :  SMPS – IC with SIPMOS Driver Output

Package : P-DIP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Simenes


TDA4918A datasheet smps


The versatile switch-mode power supply ICs for the direct control of SIPMOS power transistors comprise digital and analog functions. These functions are required for the design of high-quality flyback and forward converters during single-phare and push-pull operation in normal, half-bridge and full-bridge configurations.


TDA4918A pinout siemens



1. Switching frequency up to 300 kHz ( TDA 4919 ) or 150 kHz ( TDA 4918 )
2. Push-pull output driver with + 700 mA / – 500 mA
3. Separate GND for the driver outputs
4. Feed-forward control
5. Soft start
6. Hysteresis adjustable at overvoltage and undervoltage comparator
7. Current mode and voltage mode operation are possible

TDA4918A Datasheet