TDA5200 Datasheet PDF – ASK Single Conversion Receiver

Part Number: TDA5200

Function: ASK / FSK Single Conversion Receiver

Package: TSSOP-28 Pint

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies

Image and Pinouts:

TDA5200 datasheet



The TDA5200 is a very low power consumption single chip ASK Single Conversion Receiver for receive frequencies bands 868-870 MHz and 433-435 MHz. The IC offers a highlevel of integration and needs only a few external components. The device contains a low noise amplifier (LNA), a double balanced mixer,a fully integrated VCO, a PLL synthesizer, a crystal oscillator, a limiter with RSSI generator, a data filter, a datacomparator (slicer) and a peak detector. Additionally there is a power down feature to save battery life.



1. Low supply current (Is = 4.8 mA typ. at 868 MHz, Is = 4.6 mA typ. at 434 MHz)

2. Supply voltage range 5 V ±10 %

3. Power down mode with very low supply current (50 nA typ)

4. Fully integrated VCO and PLL Synthesizer

5. RF input sensitivity < – 107 dBm

6. Selectable frequency ranges around 868-870 MHz and 433-435 MHz

7. Selectable reference frequenc



1. Keyless Entry Systems

2. Remote Control Systems

3. Alarm Systems

4. Low Bitrate Communication Systems

Other data sheets are available within the file: SP000016381, TDA5200, TDA5200XUMA1, TDA5200XUMA

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