TDA6109JF Datasheet – Triple video output amplifier

Part Number : TDA6109JF

Function : Triple video output amplifier

Package : SOT111-1 Type

Manufactures : Philips, NXP


TDA6109JF Datasheet


The TDA6109JF contains three video output amplifiers which are intended to drive the
three cathodes of a color CRT. The device is contained in a plastic DIL-bent-SIL 9-pin
medium power (DBS9MPF) package, and uses high-voltage DMOS technology.
To obtain maximum performance, the amplifier should be used with black-current control.


TDA6109JF pinout


1. Typical bandwidth of 9.0 MHz for an output signal of 60 V (p-p)
2. High slew rate of 1850 V/ms
3. No external components required
4. Very simple application
5. Single supply voltage of 200 V
6. Internal reference voltage of 2.5 V
7. Fixed gain of 81
8. Black-Current Stabilization (BCS) circuit with voltage window from 1.5 V to 6 V and current window from +100 mA to -10 mA
9. Thermal protection

Pin Description

Vi(1) 1 inverting input 1
Vi(2) 2 inverting input 2
Vi(3) 3 inverting input 3
GND 4 ground
Iom 5 black-current measurement output
VDD 6 supply voltage
Voc(3) 7 cathode output 3
Voc(2) 8 cathode output 2
Voc(1) 9 cathode output 1

TDA6109JF Datasheet