TDA7057AQ Datasheet PDF – Stereo Audio Output Amplifier

Part Number: TDA7057AQ

Function: 2x8W Stereo BTL Audio Output Amplifier with DC volume control

Package: SIP 13 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( )


TDA7057AQ Datasheet Philips




The TDA7057AQ is a stereo BTL output amplifier with DC volume control. The device is designed for use in TVs and monitors, but is also suitable for battery-fed portable recorders and radios.

Missing Current Limiter (MCL)

A MCL protection circuit is built-in. The MCL circuit is activated when the difference in current between the output terminal of each amplifier exceeds 100 mA (typical 300 mA). This level of 100 mA allows for
single-ended headphone applications.


TDA7057AQ pinout


1. DC volume control
2. Few external components
3. Mute mode
4. Thermal protection
5. Short-circuit proof
6. No switch-on and switch-off clicks
7. Good overall stability
8. Low power consumption
9. Low HF radiation
10. ESD protected on all pins.

Block Diagram


Other data sheets are available within the file: TDA7057, TDA7057AQ/N2

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