TDA8362 Datasheet – Integrated TV Processor – Philips

Part Number: TDA8362

Function : Integrated PAL and PAL/NTSC TV processors

Package : DIP 52 Pin

Manufacturer: Philips Semiconductors, NXP




The TDA8360, TDA8361 and TDA8362 are single-chip TV processors which contain nearly all small signal functions that are required for a colour television receiver. For a complete receiver the following circuits need to be added: a base-band delay line (TDA4661), a tuner and output stages for audio, video and horizontal and vertical deflection.



TDA8362 Features

1. Multistandard vision IF circuit (positive and negative modulation)
2. PAL/NTSC colour decoder with automatic search system
3. Source selection for external A/V inputs (separate Y/C signals can also be applied)
4. Easy interfacing with the TDA8395 (SECAM decoder) for multistandard applications.


TDA8362 Datasheet

TDA8362 pdf


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