TDF8556AJ Datasheet PDF Pinout – ZIP 37 Pin – NXP, Sony

Part Number: TDF8556AJ

Function: I2C-Bus Control 4 X 50 Watt, Audio Amplifier Circuit

Package:  ZIP 37 Pin Type

Manufacturer: NXP, Sony


TDF8556AJ sony nxp



The TDF8556AJ has a complementary quad audio power amplifier that uses BCDMOS technology. It contains four amplifiers configured in Bridge Tied Load (BTL) to drive speakers for front and rear left and right channels. The I2C-bus allows diagnostic information of each amplifier and its speaker to be read separately. Both front and both rear channel amplifiers can be configured independently in line driver mode with a gain of 20 dB (differential output).



TDF8556AJ datasheet pinout


TDF8556AJ for SONY CDX-GT660UE recorder

I2C-bus controlled 4 X 50 Watt power amplifier and multiple voltage regulator



1. If connection to the battery voltage is reversed, all regulator voltages will be zero
2. Able to withstand voltages at the output of up to 18 V (supply line may be short-circuited)
3. Thermal protection to avoid thermal breakdown
4. Load-dump protection
5. Regulator outputs protected from DC short-circuit to ground or to supply voltage
6. All regulators protected by foldback current limiting
7. Power switches protected from loss-of-ground.


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