TDG2003AP Datasheet – Darlington Sink Driver – Toshiba

Part Number: TDG2003AP, Correct Part Number: TD62003AP

Function: 7-channel Darlington Sink Driver

Package: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Toshiba




The TD62003APG/AFG and TD62004APG/AFG are high-voltage, high-current darlington drivers comprised of seven NPN darlington pairs. All units feature integral clamp diodes for switching inductive
loads. Applications include relay, hammer, lamp and display (LED) drivers.


TDG2003AP Datasheet


1. Output current (single output): 500 mA (max)
2. High sustaining voltage output: 50 V (min)
3. Output clamp diodes
4. Inputs compatible with various types of logic

TDG2003AP Datasheet


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