TDG2003AP Datasheet – Darlington Sink Driver – Toshiba

Part Number : TDG2003AP, Correct Part Number : TD62003AP

Function : 7-channel Darlington Sink Driver

Package : DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Toshiba

Image :


Description :

The TD62003APG/AFG and TD62004APG/AFG are high-voltage, high-current darlington drivers comprised of seven NPN darlington pairs. All units feature integral clamp diodes for switching inductive
loads. Applications include relay, hammer, lamp and display (LED) drivers.

Pinout :

TDG2003AP Datasheet


1. Output current (single output): 500 mA (max)
2. High sustaining voltage output: 50 V (min)
3. Output clamp diodes
4. Inputs compatible with various types of logic

TDG2003AP Datasheet


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