TEC1-12706 Datasheet PDF – Thermoelectric Cooler (40mm)

This is one of the Thermoelectric Cooler Module types.

Part Number: TEC1-12706

Function: Thermoelectric Cooler

Package: 40mm × 40mm Size single stage module type

Manufacturer: Neuftech


TEC1-12706 datasheet


The 127 couples, 40mm × 40mm size single stage module is made of selected high performance ingots to achieve superior cooling performance and greater delta T up to 70°C Designed for superior cooling and heating. If higher operational temperature is required, please specify. We can design and manufacture custom made modules according to your requirements.

TEC1-12706 specifications

TEC1-12706 specifications


1. High effective cooling and efficiency.

2. No moving parts, no noise, and solid-state

3. Compact structure, small in size, light in weight

4. Environmental friendly, RoHS compliant

5. Precise temperature control

6. Exceptionally reliable in quality, high performance



1. Food and beverage service refrigerator

2. Portable cooler box for cars

3. Liquid cooling

4. Temperature stabilizer

5. Photonic and medical systems



TEC1-12706 Datasheet PDF

TEC1-12706 pdf


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