TEF6890H Datasheet – Car Radio Integrated Signal Processor

Part Number : TEF6890H

Function : Car Radio Integrated Signal Processor

Package : QFP44 type

Manufacturers : Philips Semiconductors, NXP

Image :

TEF6890H datasheet

Description :

The TEF6890H is a monolithic BiMOS integrated circuit comprising the stereo decoder function, weak signal processing and ignition noise blanking facility for AM and FM combined with input selector and tone/volume control for AM and FM car radio applications. The RDS/RBDS demodulator function is included. The device operates with a supply voltage of 8 to 9 V.



Weak signal processing
· FM weak signal processing with detectors for RF level, Ultrasonic Noise (USN) and Wideband AM (WAM) information
· AM weak signal processing with detectors for level information
· AM processing with soft mute and High Cut Control (HCC)
· FM processing with soft mute, stereo blend and HCC
· Setting of the sensitivity of the detectors and start and slope of the control functions via I2C-bus
· Weather band de-emphasis
· Level, USN and WAM read-out via I2C-bus (signal quality detectors)
· Full support of tuner AF update functions with TEA684x tuner ICs, FM audio processing holds the detectors for the FM weak signal processing in their present state during RDS updating.


TEF6890H pinout



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