TH2267.1 Datasheet – SO-8Pin, PWM Controller IC – Melexis

Part Number: TH2267.1

Description: PWM Controller IC

Package: SO-8 Pin Package

Manufacturer: Melexis ( Microelectronic Integrated Systems  )


TH2267.1 pwm controller


TH2267.1 is an application specific device for the control of the primary side of a switched mode charger. The controlled variable is transferred by an additional winding from the secondary to the primary side. Additional reference for the primary control function and the power supply are derived from the inclueded bandgap reference. For the specific regulation characteristic resuting in driver switch-on and switch-off, current- and voltage monitoring with time constant and fixed characteristic curve are inclueded.


TH2267.1 datasheet pdf


TH2267.1 Datasheet