THAT2155 Datasheet PDF – Voltage-Controlled Amplifier

Part Number : THAT2155

Function : IC Voltage-Controlled Amplifier

Package : SIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturers : THAT Corporation

Pinouts :

THAT2155 datasheet


Description :

The THAT2155, THAT2150 Series integrated-circuit voltagecontrolled amplifiers (VCAs) are high-performance current-in/current-out devices with two opposingpolarity, voltage-sensitive control ports. Based on dbx technology, they offer wide-range exponential control of gain and attenuation with low signal distortion.

Features :

• Wide Dynamic Range: >116 dB

• Wide Gain Range: >130 dB

• Exponential (dB) Gain Control

• Low Distortion: (0.008% @ 0 dB gain, 0.035% @15dB gain)

• Wide Gain-Bandwidth: 6 MHz


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THAT2155 pdf

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