TIDA-00192 Datasheet PDF – Communication Motherboard

Part Number : TIDA-00192

Function : PLC Motherboard with AC Mains Line Coupling

Package : Module Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

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TIDA-00192 datasheet


Description :

Texas Instruments The PLC motherboard is designed to complement the TI Designs SOMPLC-F28PLC83 and SOMPLC-F28M35. The motherboard implements the key AC line coupling circuitry necessary for the System on Module (SoM) to connect to the mains power. The PLC motherboard.

Features :

1. Line Coupling Circuitry to Connect to Mains Power

2. Supports CENELEC, FCC, and ARIB Frequency Bands

3. Supports PRIME, G3, and IEEE-1901.2 PLC industry Standards

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