TK11123MIL Datasheet PDF – 2.3V, Voltage Regulator

Part Number : TK11123MIL


Package : SOT-23L-6 Type

Manufacturers : Toko America Inc

Pinouts :

TK11123MIL datasheet

Description :

The TK111xxM is a low dropout linear regulator with a built in electronic switch. The internal switch can be controlled by TTL or CMOS logic levels. The device is in the “on” state when the control pin is pulled to a logic high level. An external capacitor can be connected to the noise bypass pin to lower the output noise level to 30 µVrms.


1. High Voltage Precision at ±2.0% or ±60 mV
2. Active High On/Off Control
3. Very Low Dropout Voltage (85 mV at 30 mA)
4. Very Low Noise
5. Miniature Package (SOT-23L-6)
6. Internal Thermal Shutdown
7. Short Circuit Protection
8. Excellent Ripple Rejection (70 dB @ 1 kHz)
9. Reverse Bias Protection

Ordering Information


1. Battery Powered Systems
2. Cellular Telephones
3. Pagers
4. Personal Communications Equipment
5. Portable Instrumentation
6. Portable Consumer Equipment
7. Radio Control Systems
8. Toys

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