TK73280MIL Datasheet PDF

Part Number : TK73280MIL

Function : 8.0V Low dropout regulator

Manufacturers : Toko America Inc

Pinouts :

TK73280MIL datasheet

Description :

The TK732xx is a controller IC for a low dropout voltage regulator. The TK732xx and the external PNP power transistor provide standard output voltages from 2 to 11 V and output current from 100 mA to 5 A. By utilizing an external PNP power transistor, low dropout voltage at high current can be readily achieved. The internal electronic switch can be controlled by TTL or CMOS logic levels. The device is in the “on” state when the control pin is pulled to a high logic level. A pin for a bypass capacitor, which connects to the internal circuitry, is provided to lower the overall output noise level.


■ Up to 5 A Output Current Capability With External PNP Transistor
■ Internal Short Circuit Protection
■ Excellent Load Regulation
■ CMOS/TTL-Compatible On/Off Switch
■ Internal Reverse Bias Current Protection Switch
■ Internal Thermal Shutdown
■ Broad Operating Voltage Range
■ High Impedance VSENSE Pin (Off Mode)
■ Continuous and Pulsed Current Modes

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