TL2272R PDF Datasheet – Remote Control Decoding Circuit

Part Number: TL2272R

Function: Decoder with Direct Setting Doorbell

Package: DIP 18 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Treasure Link Technology

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The TL2272R is a remote control decoding application-specific integrated circuit paired with TL2260/TL2262. It is manufactured by CMOS process and has a maximum of 12-bit three-state address pins that can support up to 312 (531,441) address codes. Compatible with PT2272.

Containing all the functions of the TL2272 decoder and melody generator, the device eliminates the
need for customers to incorporate an external op-amp and melody generator IC within their product
applications, in the process significantly reducing overall product costs. In addition to being fully compatible with the TL2272 circuitry, the device includes the following features; Internal 2 channel tone generator and current type audio output.

Features :

1. CMOS process manufacturing, low power consumption

2. Wide working voltage range: 2.4V~6V

3. Up to 531,441 address codes

4. Up to 6 data pins

5. There are latch type and transient output type


TL2272R datasheet pinout
Scope of application

1. Vehicle anti-theft system

2. Home security system

3. Remote control toys

4. Other remote control systems


TL2272R PDF Datasheet