TLE4726G Datasheet PDF – 2-Phase Stepper-Motor Driver

Part Number: TLE4726G

Function: 2-Phase Stepper-Motor Driver

Package : PG-DSO-24-13, 24 Pin type

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies

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The TLE4726G is a bipolar, monolithic IC for driving bipolar stepper motors, DC motors and other inductive loads that operate on constant current. The control logic and power output stages for two bipolar windings are integrated on a single chip which permits switched current control of motors with 0.75 A per phase at operating voltages up to 50 V. The direction and value of current are programmed for each phase via separate control inputs.

A common oscillator generates the timing for the current control and turn-on with phase offset of the two output stages. The two output stages in a full-bridge configuration have integrated, fast free-wheeling diodes and are free of crossover current. The logic is supplied either separately with 5 V or taken from the motor supply voltage by way of a series resistor and an integrated Z-diode. The device can be driven directly by a microprocessor with the possibility of all modes from full step through half step to mini step.




  • 2× 0.75 A / 50 V outputs
  • Integrated driver, control logic and current control (chopper)
  • Fast free-wheeling diodes
  • Low standby-current drain
  • Full, half, quarter, mini step


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