TLV271 Datasheet – CMOS Rail to Rail Output OP AMP

Part Number : TLV271


Package : SOT25, SO-8, MSOP-8 Pin

Manufacturers : Diodes Incorporated.

Pinouts :

TLV271 datasheet


Description :

The TLV271 provides a higher performance alternative to the TLC27x series of op-amps. These devices take the minimum operating supply voltage down to 2.7V over the extended industrial temperature range while adding the rail-to-rail output swing feature.

This makes it an ideal alternative to the TLC27x family for applications where rail-to-rail output swings are essential. The TLV27x also provides 2-MHz bandwidth from only 550μA supply current.

The TLV27x is fully specified for 5V and  ±5V supplies. The maximum recommended supply voltage is 16V. The devices can be operated from a variety of rechargeable cells from ±8V down to ±1.35V.

Marking Information

TLV271 Marking Information


1. High performance alternative to TLC27x series
2. Rail to rail output
3. Wide bandwidth: 2MHz
4. High slew rate: 2.0 V/μs
5. Wide range of supply voltages: 2.7V to 16V
6. Low supply current: 550μA per channel
7. Low input noise voltage: 35nV/√Hz
8. Low input bias current: 1pA

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TLV271 Datasheet PDF

TLV271 pdf