TM1637 Datasheet PDF – IC for 4-digit 7-segment Display

Part Number: TM1637

Function: Chip for driving 4-digit seven-segment display .

Package: DIP 20 / SOP 20 Type

Manufacturer: Titan Micro


TM1637 Datasheet Segment IC

TM1637 image


LED TM1637 is a scanning interface with a keyboard (light-emitting diode display) dedicated drive control circuit, the number of internally integrated MCU Digital interface, data latches, LED high voltage drive, keyboard scanning circuit.


1. using power CMOS process

2. Display Mode (paragraph 8 × 6 bits), supports digital output common anode

3. key scan (8 × 2bit), enhanced anti-jamming key recognition circuit

4. luminance adjustment circuit (duty cycle 8 adjustable)

5. Two-wire serial interface (CLK, DIO)

6. Oscillation mode: Built-in RC oscillator (450KHz + 5%)

7. Built-in power-on reset circuit

8. Built-in automatic blanking circuit


TM1637 Datasheet

The data transmission of TM1637 has an acknowledgment signal ACK. When the transmitted data is correct, on the falling edge of the eighth clock, an acknowledgment signal ACK will be generated inside the chip to pull the DIO pin low, and the DIO will be released after the end of the ninth clock. Mouth line.

TM1637 Datasheet PDF




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