TM1650 Datasheet – LED Drive Controller – TiTan Micro

Part Number : TM1650

Function : LED Drive Controller / Keyboard Scan ASIC

Package : DIP 16, SOP 16 Type

Manufacturers : TiTan Micro Electronics

Image :

TM1650 image


LED TM1650 is a kind of keyboard scan interface (light emitting diode display) dedicated drive control circuit. Internal integrated MCU digital control input and output interface, data latches, LED driver, keyboard scanning, brightness adjustment circuit. TM1650 stable performance, reliable quality, strong anti-jamming capability, suitable for long-term applications 24 hours of continuous work.


TM1650 datasheet pinout


1. Segment drive current is greater than 25mA, bit driver current is greater than 150mA
2. Provide 8 brightness control
3. Keyboard scan: 7 × 4bit internal integration transistor drive
4. High-speed two-wire serial interface
5. Built-in clock oscillator circuit
6. Built-in power-on reset circuit

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