TMC5062 Datasheet PDF – Stepper Controller-driver IC

Part Number: TMC5062

Function: Stepper Controller-driver IC

Package: 7x7mm QFN48 Type

Manufacturer: TRINAMIC


TMC5062 datasheet


The TMC5062 is a high performance motion controller and driver for up to two stepper motors. It combines two flexible ramp motion controllers with energy efficient stepper motor drivers. The drivers support two-phase stepper motors and offer an industry-leading feature set, including high resolution microstepping, sensorless mechanical load measurement, load-adaptive velocity and power optimization, and low resonance chopper operation.



1. Two 2-phase stepper motors

2. Drive Capability up to 2 x 1.1A coil current

3. Motion Controller with sixPoint™ ramp

4. Voltage Range 4.75… 20V DC

5. SPI & Single Wire UART

6. Dual ABN Encoder Interface

Block Diagram


1. CCTV, Security
2. Antenna Positioning
3. Heliostat Controller
4. Lab Automation
5. Liquid Handling
6. Printer and Scanner
7. Pumps and Valves

Other data sheets are available within the file: TMC-5062,TMC5062-LA

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TMC5062 pdf