TMC5062 Datasheet PDF – Stepper Controller-driver IC

Part Number : TMC5062

Function : Stepper Controller-driver IC

Package : 7x7mm QFN48 Type

Manufacturers : TRINAMIC

Image :

TMC5062 datasheet

Description :

The TMC5062 is a high performance motion controller and driver for up to two stepper motors. It combines two flexible ramp motion controllers with energy efficient stepper motor drivers. The drivers support two-phase stepper motors and offer an industry-leading feature set, including high resolution microstepping, sensorless mechanical load measurement, load-adaptive velocity and power optimization, and low resonance chopper operation.



1. Two 2-phase stepper motors

2. Drive Capability up to 2 x 1.1A coil current

3. Motion Controller with sixPoint™ ramp

4. Voltage Range 4.75… 20V DC

5. SPI & Single Wire UART

6. Dual ABN Encoder Interface

Block Diagram

Applications :

1. CCTV, Security
2. Antenna Positioning
3. Heliostat Controller
4. Lab Automation
5. Liquid Handling
6. Printer and Scanner
7. Pumps and Valves

Other data sheets within the file : TMC-5062,TMC5062-LA

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