TMS320C32 Datasheet PDF – Digital Signal Processor

Part Number : TMS320C32


Package : 144-Pin Plastic Quad Flat Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

TMS320C32 datasheet


Description :

The TMS320C32 is the newest member of the TMS320C3x generation of digital signal processors ( DSPs) from Texas Instruments. The TMS320C32 is an enhanced 32-bit floating-point processor manufactured in 0.7-µm triple-level-metal CMOS technology.

The enhancements to the TMS320C3x architecture include a variable-width external-memory interface, faster instruction cycle time, power-down modes, two-channel DMA coprocessor with configurable priorities, flexible boot loader, relocatable interrupt-vector table, and edge- or level-triggered interrupts.

Features :

1. 32-Bit High-Performance CPU

2. 32-Bit Instruction Word, 24-Bit Addresses

3. Two 256 × 32-Bit Single-Cycle, Dual-Access On-Chip RAM Blocks

4. Flexible Boot-Program Loader


TMS320C32 Datasheet PDF Download

TMS320C32 pdf

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