TMS320C5421GGUA200 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : TMS320C5421GGUA200

Function : TMS320VC5421 Fixed-Point DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

TMS320C5421GGUA200 datasheet

Description :

The TMS320VC5421 fixed-point digital signal processor (DSP) is a dual-core solution running at 200-MIPS performance. The 5421 consists of two DSP subsystems capable of core-to-core communications and a 128K-word zero-wait-state on-chip program memory shared by the two DSP subsystems.

Each subsystem consists of one 54x DSP core, 32K-word program/data DARAM, 32K-word data SARAM, 2K-word ROM, three multichannel serial interfaces, xDMA logic, one timer, one APLL, and other miscellaneous circuitry.

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TMS320C5421GGUA200 pdf

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