TNT4882 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : TNT4882

Function : Single-Chip IEEE 488.2 Talker/Listener ASIC

Manufacturers : National Instruments Corporation

Pinouts :

TNT4882 datasheet

Description :

The TNT4882 provides a single-chip IEEE 488.2 Talker/Listener interface to the general-purpose interface bus (GPIB).

The TNT4882 combines the circuitry of the NAT4882 IEEE 488.2 application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), Turbo488 performance-enhancing ASIC, and GPIB transceivers to create a single-chip IEEE 488.2 interface.

Because the TNT4882 contains the NAT4882 register set, which in turn has the NEC µPD7210 and TI TMS 9914A register sets, developers using any of these chips can easily port existing code directly to the TNT4882, thereby significantly reducing software development time.

Also, with just a few modifications, you can implement all the improved features of the IEEE 488.2 standard.

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