TOP242 Datasheet – Integrated Off-line Switcher

Part Number : TOP242

Function : 0,72A Extended power, design elexible, integrated off-line switcher

Package : TO-220-7, DIP, SMD 8 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Power Integrations, Inc

Pinouts :

TOP242 datasheet


Description :

TOPSwitch-GXuses the same proven topology as TOPSwitch, cost effectively integrating the high voltage power MOSFET, PWM control, fault protection and other control circuitry onto a single CMOS chip. Many new functions are integrated to reduce system cost and improve design flexibility, performance and energy efficiency.


• Extended power range for higher power applications
• No heatsink required up to 34 W using P/G packages
• Features eliminate or reduce cost of external components
• Fully integrated soft-start for minimum stress/overshoot
• Externally programmable accurate current limit
• Wider duty cycle for more power, smaller input capacitor
• Separate line sense and current limit pins on Y/R/F packages

Other data sheets within the file : T0P242G, T0P242P, T0P242PG, T0P242R

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