TPA3007D1 Datasheet – 6.5W, Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number : TPA3007D1


Package : 24-pin TSSOP type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

TPA3007D1 datasheet

Description :

The TPA3007D1 is a 6.5-W mono bridge-tied load (BTL) class-D audio power amplifier with high efficiency, eliminating the need for heat sinks. The TPA3007D1 can drive 8-Ω speakers with only a ferrite bead filter required to reduce EMI.
The gain of the amplifier is controlled by two input terminals, GAIN1 and GAIN0. This allows the amplifier to be configured for a gain of 12, 18, 23.6, and 36 dB. The differential input stage provides high common mode rejection and improved power supply rejection.
The amplifier also includes “de-pop” circuitry to reduce the amount of pop at power-up and when cycling SHUTDOWN. The TPA3007D1 is available in the 24-pin TSSOP package (PW) and does not require an external heat sink.


• 6.5 W Into 8-Ω Load From 12-V Supply(10% THD+N)
• Short Circuit Protection (Short to VCC, ShGND, Short Between Outputs)
• Third-Generation Modulation Technique:
– Replaces Large LC Filter With Small,Low-Cost Ferrite Bead Filter in Most Applications
– Improved Efficiency
– Improved SNR
• Low Supply Current … mA Typ at 12 V
• Shutdown Control … < 1µA Typ

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