TPA3116 Datasheet PDF – Class-D Stereo Amplifier, 32 Pin

Part Number: TPA3116, TPA3116D2

Function: Class-D Stereo Amplifier Family With AM Avoidance

Package: HTSSOP 32 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments




The TPA3116 series are stereo efficient, digital amplifier power stage for driving speakers up to 100 W / 2 Ω in mono. The high efficiency of the TPA3130D2 allows it to do 2 × 15 W without external heat sink on a single layer PCB. The TPA3118D2 can even run 2 × 30 W / 8 Ω without heat sink on a dual layer PCB. If even higher power is needed the TPA3116D2 does 2 × 50 W / 4 Ω with a small heat-sink attached to its top side PowerPAD. All three devices share the same footprint enabling a single PCB to be used across different power levels.



1. Supports Multiple Output Configurations

(1) 2 × 50 W Into a 4-Ω BTL Load at 21 V (TPA3116D2)
(2) 2 × 30 W Into a 8-Ω BTL Load at 24 V (TPA3118D2)
(3) 2 × 15 W Into a 8-Ω BTL Load at 15 V (TPA3130D2)

2. Wide Voltage Range: 4.5 V to 26 V

3. Efficient Class-D Operation

(1) >90% Power Efficiency Combined With Low Idle Loss Greatly Reduces Heat Sink Size
(2) Advanced Modulation Schemes

3. Multiple Switching Frequencies

(1) AM Avoidance
(2) Master and Slave Synchronization
(3) Up to 1.2-MHz Switching Frequency


Other data sheets are available within the file: TPA3116D2, TPA3118D2, TPA3130D2

Here are a few commonly used amplifier ICs for car audio systems:

1. TDA7388: This is a quad bridge amplifier IC that can deliver up to 4 x 45W output power. It is commonly used in car audio applications due to its high output power and compact size.

2. TDA7850: Another popular choice, the TDA7850 is a quad bridge amplifier IC that can deliver up to 4 x 50W output power. It offers a high signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion, making it suitable for car audio applications.

3. TDA7294: This is a popular monolithic audio amplifier IC that is widely used in car audio systems. It can deliver up to 100W of output power and is known for its high-quality sound reproduction.

4. TPA3116: The TPA3116 is a class D amplifier IC that is often used in car audio due to its efficiency and compact size. It can deliver high-quality audio with low distortion and offers features like over-temperature protection and short-circuit protection.

5. LM3886: Although primarily used in home audio applications, the LM3886 is a versatile amplifier IC that can also be used in car audio systems. It offers high-fidelity sound reproduction and has a power output of up to 68W.

There are various brands and models available in the market, each with its own unique features and specifications. Some popular brands in the car audio industry include Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, Sony, and JVC


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