TPD4113AK Datasheet – DC brush less motor driver – Toshiba

Part Number: TPD4113AK

Function: DC brush less motor driver

Package: 23-pin HZIP

Manufacturer: Toshiba


TPD4113AK datasheet


The TPD4113AK is a DC brush less motor driver using high voltage PWM control. It is fabricated by high voltage SOI process. It contains level shift high-side driver, low-side driver, IGBT outputs, FRDs and protective functions for under voltage protection circuits and thermal shutdown circuit. It is easy to control a DC brush less motor by just putting logic inputs from a MPU or motor controller to the TPD4113AK.


TPD4113AK pinout


· Bootstrap circuit gives simple high side power supply.
· Bootstrap diodes are built in.
· A dead time can be set as a minimum of 1.4 μs, and it is the best for a Sine-wave from drive.
· 3-phase bridge output using IGBTs.
· FRDs are built in.
· Included under voltage protection and thermal shutdown.
· The regulator of 7V (typ.) is built in.

This product has a MOS structure and is sensitive to electrostatic discharge. When handling this product, ensure that the environment is protected against electrostatic discharge.


TPD4113AK Datasheet PDF



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