TPL7407L Datasheet PDF

Part Number : TPL7407L

Function : TPL7407L 40V 7-Channel Low Side Driver / High-Voltage Outputs 40V / Available in 16-pin SOIC and TSSOP Packages

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

TPL7407L datasheet

Description :

The TPL7407L is a high-voltage, high-current NMOS transistor array. This device consists of seven NMOS transistors that feature high-voltage outputs with common-cathode clamp diodes for switching inductive loads. The maximum drain-current rating of a single NMOS channel is 600 mA. New regulation and drive circuitry added to give maximum drive
strength across all GPIO ranges (1.8V-5.0V).

The transistors can be paralleled for higher current capability. The TPL7407L’s key benefit is its improved power efficiency and lower leakage than a Bipolar Darlington Implementation. With the lower Vol the user is dissipating less than half the power than traditional relay drivers with currents less than 250mA per channel.

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TPL7407L pdf

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