TPS40200HD Schematic – Buck DC/DC Controller -TI

Part Number : TPS40200HD ( Marking 40200S ), TPS40200-HT

Function : High Temperature Wide Input Non-Synchronous Buck DC/DC Controller

Package : SOIC 8 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Image :

TPS40200HD DC DC Controller

Description :

The TPS40200HD is a flexible nonsynchronous controller with a built-in 200-mA driver for P-channel FETs. The circuit operates with inputs up to 52 V, with a power-saving feature that turns off driver current once the external FET has been fully turned on.


TPS40200HD Schematic Pinout

TPS40200HD PDF datasheet

1. Input Voltage Range 5.5 V to 52 V
2. Output Voltage (700 mV to 87% VIN)
3. 200-mA Internal P-Channel FET Driver
4. Voltage Feed-Forward Compensation

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TPS40200HD SCHEMATIC Applications