TPS544B20 Datasheet PDF – Synchronous Buck Converter

Part Number: TPS544B20, TPS544B20RVFR, TPS544B20RVFT

Function : Synchronous Buck Converters with PMBus

Package: LQFN (40) – 5.00 mm × 7.00 mm Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TPS544B20 datasheet


The TPS544B20 and TPS544C20 devices are PMBus compatible, non-isolated DC-DC Integrated FET converters, capable of high-frequency operation and delivering 20-A , or 30-A current output from a 5 mm × 7 mm package, enabling high-power density and fast transient performance with minimal PCB area. The PMBus interface provides for converter configuration as well as monitoring of key parameters including output voltage, current and an optional external temperature. High-frequency, low-loss switching, provided by an integrated NexFET power stage and optimized drivers, allows for very high-density power solutions and reduced inductor and filter capacitor sizes. Response to fault conditions can be set to either restart or latch off depending on system requirements.


TPS544B20 pinout


1. PMBus-Enabled Converters: 20 A, 30 A
2. 4.5-V to 18-V input, 0.6-V to 5.5-V Output
3. Single Thermal Pad
4. Integrated 4.5-mΩ and 2.0-mΩ Stacked NexFET™ Power Stage
5. 600-mV, 0.5% Reference
6. Lossless, Low-Side MOSFET Current Sensing
7. Selectable D-CAP and D-CAP2 Mode Control
8. Differential Remote Sensing
9. Monotonic Start-Up into Pre-Biased Output
10. Output Voltage Margin and Trim
11. Output Voltage and Output Current Reporting
12. External Temperature Monitoring with 2N3904

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TPS544B20 Datasheet


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