TPS92661 Datasheet PDF – LED Matrix Manager

Part Number : TPS92661

Function : High-Brightness LED Matrix Manager for Automotive Headlight Systems

Package : HTQFP 48 Pin type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Image :

TPS92661 datasheet


Description :

The TPS92661 device is a compact, highly-integrated solution for shunt FET dimming for large arrays of high-brightness LEDs in applications such as automotive headlights.

The device device includes a 12-switch series array for bypassing individual LEDs in the string and a serial communication interface for control and management by a master microcontroller.

Pinouts :

Features :

1. 12 Series LED Bypass Switches

2. Multi-Drop UART Communication Interface

3. Programmable 10-bit PWM Dimming

(1) Individual Turn-on and Turn-off Times
(2) Inherent Phase Shift Capability
(3) Device-to-Device Synchronization


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TPS92661 pdf

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