TSUMV59XUS PDF – Single Chip Solution for Analog TV

The Part Number is TSUMV59XUS.

The function of this semiconductor is Single Chip Solution for Analog TV System.

The package is 128-pin EPLQFP package.

Manufacturer: MStar Semiconductor

Preview images :TSUMV59XUS mstar


The TSUMV59XUS is a highly integrated single chip solution for analog TV systems supporting TV channel and various multi-media decoding. A highly integrated single-chip solution for analog TV systems refers to a semiconductor device that combines multiple functions and components required for analog television reception and processing into a single integrated circuit (IC) package. This type of chip is designed to simplify the design and manufacturing of analog TV systems by incorporating all the necessary components onto a single chip, reducing the need for external components and complex circuitry.

Key features includes :

1. Analog TV Front-End Demodulator

2. Multi-Standard A/V Format Decoder

3. The MStarACE-6 Video Processor

4. Home Theater Sound Processor

5. Embedded Memory for optimized BOM cost

6. Transport-Stream Input for Extended DTV System

7. Peripherals and Low-Power Standby Mode

TSUMV59XUS pdf datasheet

Audio Interface :

1. Four L/R audio line-inputs

2. Two L/R outputs for main speakers and additional line-outputs

3. I2S digital audio input & output

4. S/PDIF digital audio output

5. HDMI audio channel processing


TSUMV59XUS PDF Datasheet