TUSB2077APT Datasheet PDF – 7-Port HUB IC, Controller

Part Number : TUSB2077APT


Package : LQFP 48 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

TUSB2077APT datasheet


Description :

The TUSB2077A, TUSB2077APT hub is a 3.3-V CMOS device that provides up to seven downstream ports in compliance with the USB 2.0 specification. Because this device is implemented with a digital state machine instead of a microcontroller, no software programming is required. Fully-compliant USB transceivers are integrated into the ASIC for all upstream and downstream ports. The downstream ports support both full-speed and low-speed devices by automatically setting the slew rate according to the speed of the device attached to the ports.

The  configuration of the BUSPWR terminal selects either the bus-powered or self-powered mode. The introduction of the DP0 pullup resistor disable terminal, DP0PUR, makes it much easier to implement an onboard bus/self power dynamic-switching circuitry. The three LED indicator control output terminals also enable the implementation of visualized status monitoring of the hub and its downstream ports. With these new function terminals, the end equipment vendor can considerably reduce the total board cost while adding additional product value.

Features :

1. All Downstream Ports Support Full-Speed and Low-Speed Operations

2. Power Switching and Overcurrent Reporting Is Provided Ganged or Per Port

3. Supports Suspend and Resume Operations

4. Suspend Status Pin Available for External Logic Power Down


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TUSB2077APT pdf

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