TWH8778 Datasheet PDF – Power Driver Switch

Part Number : TWH8778

Function : Power Driver Switch

Package : TO-220-5 Pin

Manufacturers : Unspecified

Image and Pinouts :

TWH8778 datasheet


Description :

The TWH8778 is a low voltage, small current controlled switching device.

Features :

1. Overvoltage Protection : Typical 30v Max 40

2. Minimum input voltage: typical 3v

3. Maximum input voltage: 30v

4. Control terminal maximum voltage; 6v

5. Delay time: 8 microseconds typical, 20 microseconds maximum

6. Control terminal turn-on voltage: 1.6 -2 v

7. Output Limit Current: Min: 0.55v Typical: 0.8v Max 1v

8. Switching voltage drop: 300 mV typical, 500 mV maximum

Other data sheets within the file :

TWH8751, TWH8752


TWH8778 Datasheet PDF Download

TWH8778 pdf

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