UC2637DW Datasheet PDF – Switched Mode Controller

Part Number : TSC20461, Correct Part Number, Marking : TSC2046I

Function : Switched Mode Controller for DC Motor Drive

Package : SOIC-20 Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Images :

UC2637DW controller

Description :

The UC2637DW is a pulse width modulator circuit intended to be used for a variety of PWM motor drive and amplifier applications requiring either uni-directional or bidirectional drive circuits. When used to replace conventional drivers, this circuit can increase efficiency and reduce component costs for many applications. All necessary circuitry is included to generate an analog error signal and modulate two bi-directional pulse train outputs in proportion to the error signal magnitude and polarity.


1. Single or Dual Supply Operation
2. Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limiting
3. Under-Voltage Lockout
4. Shutdown Input with Temperature Compensated 2.5V Threshold
5. Uncommitted PWM Comparators for Design Flexibility
6. Dual 100mA, Source/Sink Output Drivers

UC2637DW datasheet pinout

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UC2637DW pdf